i decided that shefali’s theme song is going to be this bollywood song where a dude’s basically singing about how he left his girlfriend back in delhi to pursue this girl and the girl he’s singing to is like ‘nah son, i’m not about that’

temptation to make a bollywood mix grows by the day

she called herself a magizoologist but the war had left her grounded with no fantastic beasts to find. she instead stood behind the counter at flourish and blotts, the bored and disinterested clerk, sketching pictures of gryphons and gargoyles, kelpies and kappas, hydras and hipogriffs, on the backs of unwanted receipts. she’d take the sketches home, reproduce them in a3, fill them in with watercolours and acyrlics and hope for the day when she could take the paintings up to the very beasts themselves and match the likenesses.

jasmine, masala chai, sandalwood incense. exotic, colourful scents that tell tales of far off places to suffocate her with a longing for the home she never knew and the people she never met.

name: priya or lex’s shadow if u prefer
age: twenty and mad about it
site status: returning
describe yourself in a brief paragraph: i’m a third year physiology student currently trapped in a vicious cycle of apathy towards and then intense thirst for the iphone 6 which is clearly my most pressing concern at the minute, forget research projects, jobs, med school applications ect
favourite plots/characters/tropes: douchebags in love tbh tbqh nothing compares
favorite indulgences: yo sushi and spending money i have no right to spend
what are you most excited for?: 
idk man, just having harry potter/marauders in my life again #it’sbeen84years


(◡‿◡✿) tall men that look scary and are feared by most people

(◕‿◕✿) that fall in love with itty bitty women that can bring them to their knees

"the girl is a riddle wrapped in a mystery in an enigma that leaves empty databases, crashed servers and text emojis in her wake."

bunny lim, the cutest fucking cybercriminal in the world (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

bunny lim || megalomania, egocentrism, narcissism

melancholy || a feeling of pensive sadness.
and just like that (abel korzeniowski) || lily’s theme (alexandre desplat) || best thing that ever happened (steve jablonsky) || a dangerous path (the chamber orchestra of london) || ender quits (steve jablonsky) || rumplestiltskin in love (mark isham) || the lovers (bear mccreary|| she’s not a mundane (atli örvarsson

simone thomson || 26, jaeger pilot, lucky blue

simone is young and blonde and pretty. she’s also 6’3 (literally) and mean as hell for a canadian. simone was the youngest daughter of a family that was amongst the richest in the world (we’re talking billions here) and lived an extremely privileged life style full of good schools and nice cars, where she was largely ignored and allowed to do whatever she wanted due to the fact that she already had perfect older siblings to carry on the family legacy, and she completely ran with it. she went to the university of western ontario (for the parties) and she was totally wild and completely unapologetic about it. 

her family was in vancouver when the kaiju attacked as they were gearing up for her sister’s wedding and simone was supposed to be there with them except she decided to stay in ontario because she wanted to party with her friends rather than go home and have to do stuff for her sister. she was literally going to fly down the day after the attack, but vancouver airspace was put on lockdown and all she could do was sit in her apartment in ontario and watch what was happening to vancouver on the television in horror.

after the attack, her family’s company did a huge search for any surviving members but didn’t manage to find any, which meant simone was left as the sole heiress of her family’s business empire and it was at this point that she saw herself for what she really was, spoilt and horrifically selfish with no discernable skills and absolutely nothing to contribute to the world. she suddenly had all this money that she didn’t (and never had done to) deserve and all these businesses that she didn’t (and never had) know what to do with and she didn’t want them either. she resolved to do something good for once in her pathetic life and sold everything off and gave it all to the ppdc, before dropping out of uwo and joining the jaeger academy.

her time at the jaeger academy was admittedly not great. she gave up her fortune and her life style but she pretty much still had her rich girl attitude, plus she was aloof and distant and made zero effort to make friends. some asshole nicknamed her amazon barbie as a mean joke in the academy and it stuck (to the point of barbie becoming her actual call sign). most people probably think her name is actually barbie/barbara. it’s amazing that she even found someone that was drift compatible with her because she didn’t think she ever would and she was really hesitant to drift with them because she’s so deeply ashamed of the old her but her desire to pay penance for the way she was trumped her shame pretty much. they put her and her partner in one of the new mark 6 jaegers (that was probably built with her money) and her and her partner are basically a beacon of the young, glamourous new age of jaeger pilots. which probably rankles with the older more experienced rangers.

tl:dr - she’s a terrible person that’s trying to not be so much of a terrible person. by killing sea monsters with a giant robot.